Questions for the Cemetery

 Questions to ask your cemetery before ordering a headstone online

Where to start:

Contacting your cemetery:

Below are a few questions that are imporant to ask the cemetery before purchasing a headstone or grave marker. Each cemetery may have a different set of Rules & Regulations. Memorial allowance can also change depending on the plot section. They should be able to provide you with a written copy of the rules upon request. 


  1. Types of Memorials: What types of memorials are allowed? Common types are known as flat markers, slant markers, bevel/pillow markers or upright headstones.

  2. Size: What sizes are allowed? Common sizes for markers are 24x12 or 28x16 inch. Upright Headstone sizing can vary. Note: Ask about thickness requirements for grave markers.

  3. Color: What color stones are accepted? Most cemeteries accept gray granite stones and may accept other colors such as black granite, white marble & more. 

  4. Restrictions: Are there any other restrictions? Some cemeteries might have additional requirements such as religious symbols, letter size, or plot numbers to be engraved on the stone

  5. Setting fees and other restrictions: Ask about the fees and rules associated with setting markers or monuments in the cemetery. Some cemeteries may require their staff to set the markers, while others may allow individuals or third-party services to handle the installation.

Remember, each cemetery has it's own set of rules and regulations. Memorial allowance can also change depending on the plot section.

 We are here to help: 

Buying a grave marker, headstone, or tombstone online offers convenience, a wide range of choices, and the ability to personalize the memorial. Please contact us for any additional questions about ordering a headstone online. 

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